LTW Zeroflame

LTW + Zeroflame - Technical Specification

Sonear Fire Retardant plywood has been developed through extensive R&D and a specialized manufacturing process. In the adverse event of a Fire, this IS: 5509 certified plywood delays the spread of fire due to its chemically treated slow burning properties. The low flammability, low rate of burning and higher flame penetration time provides “Safety” and “Comfort” in the adverse event of a Fire.

Areas of Application
All kinds of interior applications like residential, cupboards, wardrobes, ceilings, panelling and packaging.

Testing Parameters I.S. : 303 Requirement Sonear Ltw Gold Results
Moisture Content 5%-15% 7.6 %
Glue Adhesion test Three test specimen of size
250mmx100mm.submerged in water at 60+2 centigrade for Three hours and then dryed for eight hours at the temperature of 65+ 2 centigrade followed by two more cycles and then test as per IS:1734 ( parts 5)
3 Cycles carried out no delamination observed.
Excellent Bonding.
Modulus of Rupture Across the Grain Average 15 N/mm2 18 N/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity Across the Grain Average 2000 N/mm2 2600 N/mm2